Topics of Interest

Physics of medical imaging
Image processing
General medical image computing
Medical image and signal computing
Integrated medical image analysis
Medical data storage and compression
Computer-aided diagnosis
Image-guided procedures, robotic interventions, and modeling
Image perception, observer performance, and technology assessment
Image reconstruction and retrieval
Magnetic resonance imaging
X-ray, CT, PET and SPECT
Medical big data and machine learning in Medical Image Analysis
Biomedical applications in molecular, structural, and functional imaging
PACS and imaging informatics: next generation and innovations
Ultrasonic imaging and tomography
Digital pathology
Pediatric imaging
Thoracic imaging
Molecular imaging
Musculoskeletal imaging
Computerized medical imaging and graphics
Medical imaging
Ultrasound imaging
Imaging techniques in ophthalmology
Image guided radiation therapy
Medical terminology for urologic imaging
Cardiovascular imaging
2D/3D/4D images trends and techniques
Biomedical signal processing
Clinical medical signals
Image-based modeling
Health monitoring
Health monitoring devices
Other medical signals and images